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Take the worry out of IT tasks.

Nautalex offers a host of additonal services to assist your business including offsite and onsite backups, software installation and maintenance, troubleshooting, data recovery and more.  Let us help you maximize your business potential and take the worry out of IT tasks.

Offsite and Onsite Backups
Nautalex can provide remote offsite backups or triggered onsite backups.  Don’t have a downtime window in which to perform backups – consider Open File Manager.  Nautalex can set up backup systems that you run in-house (on-site) or we can run them from our office (offsite).  Don’t be left without a current copy of your essential business information!

Have a problem you can’t seem to solve or want to prevent problems from cropping up? Troubleshooting to investigate, determine and settle problems, are all part of Nautalex’s MIS Network Support Services or can be customized into separate service packages specifically designed for you – you decide.

Software Installation and Support
Nautalex doesn’t just sell the software; we can install if for you as well as providing local, personal support in the Cambridge and Golden Triangle area.  We’re there when you need us.  Software installation and support are just a part of our wide variety of services.

Software Maintenance
Can’t remember:
· When you need an additional license?
· When your license needs renewing?
· When you need an upgrade?
· What program patches are necessary for keeping your operating systems at an optimum?
Don’t worry Nautalex can take care of the software maintenance for you, we’ll help you remember.

Data Recovery
Have you lost vital information due to software failure or human error?  Whether you have backed up or not Nautalex can assist with the recovery and restoration of this critical information.

Service Packages and Patches

Nautalex can schedule servicing and installation/application of patches on a continual basis to ensure smooth operation of you business.

Nautalex will custom create a service program that suits your needs and your budget.  Combine any of the offsite and onsite backups, software installation and maintenance, data recovery or service packages and patches options into the ideal service program that fits your needs.